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Sincere thanks are given to all our supporters!

SecProTec East Africa is supported by many very important associations, chambers and organizations in the whole region. We express our gratitude to:

EAC - East African Community
Republic of Kenya / Ministry of trade
EABC - East African Business Council

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And in addition to:

PROSAK - Protective & Safety Association of Kenya
KEPSA - Kenya Private Sector Alliance
KSIA - Kenya Security Industry Association

PSIA - Protective Security Industry Association
AHK - Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Kenya
KenInvest - Kenya Investment Authority

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“Kenya has historically been the commercial hub of Eastern Africa, benefitting from Mombasa port and its connections with the surrounding region. With the integration (now a customs union) and expansion of the East African Community, Kenya is now the commercial centre for a region comprising of over 138 million people and a GDP of US$ 82.1 billion and its gateway. This is reinforced by the hub status of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, which connects the Eastern African region to the much of the world, the presence in the capital of finance and business service companies, the expansion of Kenyan companies and major foreign investors based in Kenya into the rest of the region, as well as increased exports to it.

It is in connection to the above that at SecProTec East Africa, we are expecting international investors and partners to meet from different parts of the world and work together on upcoming projects. Nairobi will be the place where the world of security & protection technology meets the East and Central African counterparts. “

 -Mr. Pius Rotich, Kenya Investment Authority


“Nairobi is a perfect platform for international exhibitions in East Africa. We are glad to work with our German partners Trade and Fairs Consulting and Planetfair Hamburg who will contribute to the economic growth of this important industry within East and Central Africa.”

-Mr. J.N. Kosure (Head: Bilateral Division and AGOA Unit), Department of External Trade, MINISTRY OF TRADE


 “Security Technology is key in East Africa, especially in Kenya. KSIA members consist of 100,000 guards throughout Kenya and do have other offices/branches in other East and Central African countries. KSIA members look forward to welcoming international partners to SecProTec East Africa.”

- Mr John Thuo, Advisor KSIA (Kenya Security Industry Association)


 “We are a proud partner of SecProTec East Africa due to the very promising future of this event and the opportunity in the industry within the East and Central African market. I ask our members and partners within the security industry to support this international event.”

- Mr. Tony Sahni, Chairman of KSIA and Managing Director of SECUREX AGENCIES (K) Ltd.