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Welcome Speech of PROSAK National Chairman- Enock Makanga        

Dear Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to cordially welcome all of you to Nairobi, Kenya as the National Chairman, Protective & Safety Association of Kenya (PROSAK).

I am very pleased to announce that this marks the fourth occasion that SecProTec East Africa is taking place at the Kenyatta International Conference Center, Nairobi.

As you are well aware, Exhibitors from different countries attending this trade fair and conference will have an opportunity to present security & safety -related innovations, products, and technology.

The  2 day International Security Conference will therefore provide an ample opportunity for professional discussion forums in matters Security, Counter Terrorism, Risk Management, information on latest developments and technology in security form around the world and many more.

Like many other parts of the World, the East Africa region has faced serious security and safety challenges, including Terrorism, increase in new Crime waves etc.
With SecProTec East Africa Exhibition and Conference taking place in Nairobi, we believe that stakeholders from the region and even Kenya itself will find practical solutions to their safety and security challenges at the event.

Protective and Safety Association of Kenya (Prosak) is the premier and first ever Security & Safety professional organization in the region which brings together the manufacturers, Security & Safety Providers and end users linking them on to a common platform.

We are committed to upholding the highest, ethical security and safety standards and operate as a professional membership association dedicated to promoting excellence & quality in the practice of corporate security and safety management in Kenya.

Our Mission is to ensure that security and safety professionals have the capacity and capability to develop security programs that prevent revenue loss, loss of life, protect company assets and ensure the safety of all the stakeholders.   

We fully partner with government security agencies to improve security and safety of our citizens within the region and with the enactment of Security Regulatory bill 2016 by the Kenyan Government; we are fully committed to ensuring that we work in partnership with the government in implementation of the bill.

We are delighted to be part of 2016 SecProTec East Africa and I wish all the stakeholders of the Conference the very best, hoping that you will all provide valuable impetus for Security and Safety in the East Africa Region!   Karibuni!

Enock Makanga, Mysl(UK), MIPA(K)

Chairman, Protective & Safety Association of Kenya (PROSAK)